UP 4005 Big Boy

The locomotive has now been run a number of times at the track. Videos here and photos can be found in folders here and here

Latest Loco in the Club

Mark and Ollie Duncan's new loco puchased from fellow club member John Shelton. Handn't been run for 4 years, so required a bit of coaxing to get bag on track. Videos from Ollie here

Owen's buggy

Here is something completely different. Owen has built a tiller steer buggy that while at the moment is electric powered, it is intended to be steam powered in due course. So for a great build article Owen has written click here

Xmas Parade 2016

More of the same and different from last year. Another great turn out from the club to dress and person the floats. Added bonus this year with Phil running Lord Darby along side Shane in Starlight Express. Bruce walked Bo. Bo got lots of attention from the crowd. Lots of oohs and aahs from the crowd for the traction engines. We got 3rd place this year. Photos here and a video from John Heald here.

Open Weekend 2016

Another brilliant weekend mode model engineers. The weather on Saturday was average to say the least, but it enabled everyone to have a great play day with out the pressure of pumping through the public rides. Sunday was a nice sunny day. Earlier thus year the club won the regional Traustpower Community Awards Supreme Winner. Next year we get to compete in the national awards. As part of that and raising the awareness of rail crossing safety, the club has commissioned a video. On Sunday we ran a safety program from 4 - 7 yo's. Photos of that and other events are here. A video of a ride around the park behind Andrew Richard's beautiful 4" Burrell Rosie is here

Training Day Aug 27 2016

A little shower or two didn't stop 4 steamers and Lord Darby (4" Burrell traction engine) fronting up for round 2 of reverse running for this months training day. Grant and Donna Alexander ventured over the hill for the weekend. All the juniors who turned up had a great day driving on the big track on both electric and steam engines. We had the first run of the new tender for John Heald's Tamar.Photos here

Training Day Jul 9 2016

A bitter cold wind greeted the hardy souls for the training day. To mix it up, we decided to run the track in reverse for the first time in yonks. On the first trip around the track, it felt like a completely new place. General concensus from most drivers is they felt it was easier to drive. No derailments and lots of free rides given out. The younger club members got some well deserved driving practice. Max got to chauffeur the President on one trip. There were presentations to Clive Goodley and Ron Salisbury of certificates for their Life Membership. Grant and Donna  Alexander from Squirrel Creek Railway came over from Cambridge for a play. John Heald brought the Tamar over for everyone drive. Jason brought down his tender for the 4-8-2 SAR 23 class loco he is building. In 5" the engine will be 2m long. Outstanding job on the tender. I took photos on a borrowed camera and I don't know where they are, so will have to get some. It is a delight to look at and will drive rivet counters mad. Photos are here and videos here

General photos from around the club

General club working bee photos here

Queens Birthday run at Waihi Beach

Shane (Starlight Express) and Phil (Lord Darby) took the 4" Burrells up to Waihi Beach about 40 mins north of Tauranga for a run around the streets. A number of club members took their smaller scale engines up there along with a couple of classic cars and bikes. The weather was crisp but otherwise outstanding. I even saw the sunscreen being applied. The two engines were steamed up and off they went. You want to stop a town, just drive a couple of traction engines through the main street. Off to the next destination being a well known local coffee shop called the Flat White Cafe, a stop was made to re fuel. When Phil went to move off, lots of power from the engine but no motion. As he wasn't sitting in a cloud of white tyre smoke, there had to be something wrong. Some bolts in the drive train had sheared. Thanks to a kind local who loaned us a tow rope, we headed for the cafe. Our arrival emptied it out in minutes and it was a mission to get enough space to take photos. Loaded Lord Darby into its trailer and back to base for a BBQ.. Photos by Murray and Peter here

Keirunga Park Easter 2016

Russell Prout, Bruce McKerras, Murray de Lues and Bryan Kincaid went to Keirunga Park open weekend at Easter. This is hosted by the Hacklock North Live Steamers at their very picturesque track. Even though the track is just over 800m, it has 3 viaducts, 4 tunnels, small bridges that packs a very scenic ride into a small distance. Saturday was drizzly, so no public rides. This meant that all the boys could just play trains for a whole day. Sunday dawned fine and the place was packed.with people wanting rides. Some photos here Video of the track here

Play Day Jan 2016

A very successful day by all accounts, The long awaited tractive power contest took place between Russell's Dash 9 and John's
Tamar. Each pulled 9 empty ridecars and 2 non particpating steamers. Contest sorted when John coupled the Tamar to the front of Russell's engine and dragged the lot around the track. Would love to have photos but none were taken due to me being indisposed and no one else thought about it until later!!!

Christmas Parade 2015

Shanes idea for a float from the club for the parade drew a good response from the members and the theme of Santa's Engineering Workshop was born from a proclamation from the throne of King Michael. We gathered at Russell's the week before to raid his endless supply of stuff from his containers. Started to take shape with the final touches to be applied on game day by those with better artistitic ability than most club members (their wives and other female helpers). With a half past early time announced, a bunch of hardy folks turned to carry out the final decoration. Then off up Devonport Road to 2nd Ave. Total of 48 floats including the big red man himself. All the hard work paid off as we won Best Non Profit Float. Big boost to all and off we went. Fabulous response from the crowd with cheers everytime Shane tooted his whistle. Check out the photos of his new driving attire. All the people on the float had a great time especially Ethan, Finn and Olly sitting in the locos practising their royal wave. Photos here Videos here

Open Day 2015

Saturday dawned a stunning day with the first locos turning up at around 8. The new traverser worked a treat. Has no trouble moving John Heald's Tamar II. Having  the option of multiple vehicles for unloading and two lines to move the engines to the turntable is going to make the convention (have you remembered to register yet?) traffic easier to manage. We also now can move the visiting ridecars to the new marshalling area so drivers can build a train just like full size. Also had Andrew from Auckland bring his very nice 4" Burrell agriculture engine. Quite neat seeing it along side the other 4" Burrell road loco and showman. The single cylinder machine is much smaller. We had locos from all over the North Island and they all had a ball. Special time was had when Colin Batt and John Heald doubled their locos. Pulled 8 loaded ridecars without any problems.Even manged to herd cats, no that's not right. Managed to get most of the locos and traction engines together for the group photo. Photos are here Video of the double header here.

Stage 4 Track work and Playdays

Track the changes here

Dec 21 Stage 4 is officially signed off. No more working bees this year!!!! The new traverser works a gem, the new service centre for small traction engines is in place. Full filtered and mains water, air, 240V and 12V at each end of the center. This will allow engines to be steamed up at bench height, then placed back on the ground via the new traverser. No more track laying for a while. Great new storage/marshalling area to keep the steaming bays clear and also provide a wait area for drivers who need a break.

All working bees on each fine or near fine Saturday between now and Xmas will be focusing on major track alterations to be finished for the 2016 Convention. Lots of track layout alterations (new marshalling area, by pass train loading station), a new traverser, track alignment and a new hard stand for traction engine steaming are on the books. Big changes are also planned for the raised track for the smaller locos.

Nov 7 Not much to report today. Tidy up work was done on track edging blocks and the cobbles were relaid by the disembarking area along with extending the fence. Also to replaced the hole in the ground for the umbrella in the station. Very much needed by the station staff as we approach summer. 25 plus degrees on Sunday made the umbrella a welcome refuge from the sun. Tuesday will see a push to finish the track in the marshalling area to make it ready for the open weekend. So that means no working bee next week. We get to play trains for two whole days

Oct 31 Playday/Working bee. A small turn out but a great time was had. Starlight Exress got steamed up and drove around the park, the red rocket got a good work out with all the different drivers. Russell was fine tuning the traverser by reposistioning the lift ram with a bracket made from 25mm plate with 30mm bolts. We loaded his 520kg loco on and was able to lift it without problems. We then ran it down the new curved steaming bay onto the turntable so he could let anyone who wanted to play have a go. When loading it back onto the trailer we added another 500kgs plus of bodies onto the table. Able to lift it no problems. So 1 tonne locos won't be an issue. Photos of the day here.

Oct 17 A small but productive crew carried out more work on fine tuning the traverser, poured the base of the traction engine work bench (hand mixed 300kgs of concrete), most of the new fencing in place around the steaming bay and all the sleepers laid for the marshalling area, points set and some rail welded in. Not a bad days work, we only left at 5pm. Will have all the track laid through the marshalling area next weekend subject to the weather playing ball.

Oct 10 and earlier Been a bit of a hectic time for me but here are some progress shots. The concrete is laid for the marshalling area and got back filled today. About 200 had to be skimmed of the grass to bring it down to the track level. The traverser got its first engine on it today as a test. A couple of commissioning issues that will be sorted out in the next week. It is going to be awesome.

Sept 12 Great playday. 2 Phantoms, a Speedie and the mighty Tamar along with Starlight Express went for a run and Lord Darby stayed tucked up in the trailer. Everyone got to drive a train with one person getting a large chuck of seat time. We began to wonder if someone had split a tube of glue that stuck him to the seat. Awesome day even with the cool/cold southerly. Photos here

Sep 5 More duct and water pipe laying. Concreted in the new steaming bay line that connects our new super dooper drybolic traverser which has been running up and down its rails, going in and out, up and down and round and round. Hopefully we will have the concrete poured for the marshalling area lines next week..

Aug 22 A beautiful fine day albeit raining in Whangarei meant Southern Belle came out to play. A great credit to Mike for 4.5 years work. He ran for around an hour, then spent 3 hours polishing it. John Heald brought his Tamar over for the rest to play with and it opened a few eyes when coming off the viaduct. Big steam engines pick up momentum very quickly on the grade. Meanwhile the cobble laying in the station area was completed and only one person and a small dog managed to autograph the wet concrete..

Aug 15. A sniff of rain and the play day was postponed. However a photo of the elusive Phantom was spotted here. Soooo we poured concrete, laid cobbles and did some landscaping. Maybe next weekend!! However on Sunday Starlight Express turned up with her hat on and wowed to people. Check this

Aug 08 Concrete and cobbles. Today's mission was to tidy up the station area. Mission accomplished while dodging nasty cold showers. All the area between the new station 2 line and the inner mainline was completed. A cunning screed and a lot of hard work saw a big area completed. All the cobbles that were squirreled away in tunnel 3 got dragged out and relaid. Ride cars are wonderful tools for shifting large heavy loads. Poured 5 areas with 1/2 a cube of ready mix and no one stood in any of the wet concrete (or at least there is no photo proof so plausible deniability comes into force). Let it be fine next weekend so we can have a decent playday.

Aug 01 Cobbles and more cobbles and ding dongs. Today we laid the track edging cobbles and worked on the crossing signals. In the best tradition of many successful tests of the new lights and barrier arms, they decidied not to work properly on Sunday. Electrickery at its best. The edge of the number two line looks good and next weekend the infill cobbles between lines one and two will get done. The excavations and basecourse has been done for the marshalling area and the photos make it much easier to understand. Also had to carry out a minor repair on some ducting that we didn't bury deep enough the first time. It got damaged during the excavations. We celebrated Warren's birthday with a cake at smoko and I managed to stand on the mark one track mirror and bust it when climbing down the ladder into "The Ceiling" where everything gets stored.

July 25 No rain, One of those work days that don't appear to make a lot of progress, except the set out was completed to the marshalling line dig out and concrete work, Lots of sleepers bolted down and this time the drillers and gluers crew didn't manage to score any moving parts of the points. Well done boys. The 5" line got welded in for station line 2 plus the ding dongs worked on the bells and lights for the barrier arms on the pedestrian crossing. We even dined outside at lunch, it was a) warm and b) sun was shining. Roll on summer

July 18 So much for the play day. Mike reckons his loco melts in the rain (or is it Mike?), soooo it stayed tucked up at home. Phil brought his Road Loco down for comments, Shane brought the beer wagon for his engine. It only rained enough for dogs, not heavy enough for the cats part. So, like all lunatics, out came the sun shade and a bunch of nuts swapped out a set of old points for a flash new set. Hopefully we can get a play day in soon so Mike can run his Phantom

July 11 Very frosty start in town today. Check this out. The new loading line was leveled and bolted down with most of the 5" rail welded in. More ducting was added and the setting out for the marshalling area was done for the concrete people. Next week is a play day. Mike will be bringing down his beautiful new Phantom for its first outing. John Heald may be bringing his Tamar over for a run if he can get a leave pass. 3 weeks at Train Mountain has consequences.

July 4 On this day absolutely nothing happened at the track. Rained off.

June 27 The new traverser turned up for a test fit. The new arrangement will mean 3 cars at a time should be able to line up for loading. This traverser will link up to an number of the existing steaming bays. One of which will be dedicated to go straight onto the existing traverser. The new one will also be able to handle the smaller traction engines to be off loaded onto the 2mx1m table for traction engines, The 3" and 4" ones will unload onto their dedicated pad next to the table. Crews doing cutting and braking concrete, bolting down the new bypass line, marking out the marshalling area and cutting in another set of points made for another successful day

June 20 Another big day, some crews bolting down the points (moved and new). We are centre bolting the sleeper with a stud chem set and a nyloc nut. The other crew connected the bypass line. Need to bolt it down and glue in the 5" rail. We had to deploy the liquid sunshine shade to stop Russell getting his gloves damp. He kept commenting that it was exciting welding.

A couple of sneaky days (Thursday and Friday) saw Russell, John, Murray, Eddie and Ron get nearly 2 m3 of concrete poured and track connected up ready for the weekend crew.

June 13. A massive day. 4 - 5 tonnes of concrete broken out, loads of cobbles moved and a lot of conduit  and water pipe put in the ground. Filled it all in with 3 trailer loads of sand and now you can't much evidence of work done!!

Another big day for June 6. Plenty more concrete broken, track moved and conduit laid. Not the flashest weather which we are blaming on the West Coast Worry aka Chappy who is now going to be supervising work for the next 8 weeks while Bruce is away. 

Mar 2015 Playday

A very successful playday was held in March. Mike brought down his Phantom for everyone to drool over. All he has to do is get brave enough to light a fire. Peter brought down the new electric loco fully dressed. Shane brought down Starlight Express for her first outing at the park under steam. All was going well in the steam up until the sight glass snapped. Lots of steam everywhere. Full credit to him as he donned the required safety gear, isolated the offending part and replaced the broken glass. Once that was sorted, it was off to the park. If somehow Shane could get a fee for all the vids and photos taken on cell phones by the public, he could just about pay for the engine. Lots of us got to drive the engine. Some of the loco guys struggle with a steam engine AND a steering wheel. Mike disappeared for a while before returning. Photos here and videos here

Electric Club Locos

The new locos are being completed by Peter W. The club purchased the partly built units from the estate of club member Steve James. Peter has taken on the task of finishing them. A number of enhancements and mods have been made as part of the current build. They were originally designed as European style electric units that could be coupled together. We have decided to make them stand alone engines that will be stand off scale NZR DC locos.  Hopefully Peter will have them running without bodies to test battery life and systems by the end of January. Build photos

2014 Open Weekend

A very successful Open Weekend was held on Nov 8 & 9. Great to see a number of visiting engines running on the viaduct. The official opening speeches were followed by TECT Chairman Bill Holland cutting the chain. Typical model engineers using a chain instead of the ribbon, it can be used for for safety chains. We had enormous queues at times to ride the viaduct. A very good display was organised by Shane. Among the display items was a Meccano Shay and an almost running jewel of a Commer TS3 complete with supercharger and fuel injection. The barrier arms proved a hit with the public access to the playground. Once timing is fine tuned and the lights and bells installed they will behave exactly like full size crossings. Photos here Open Day 2014

August 2014 Club Day

Another good turn out with engines from around the Bay and Hamilton. Great opportunity for driver training for some and chances to drive other peoples engines without pressure from carrying passengers. Shane brought Starlight Express down for a demo run on air. Dark sunnies are NOT optional around the engine when the sun it out. Photos here Aug Club Day

July 2014 Club Day

What a magic day. Perfect sunny weather and steaming bays full of engines. The West Coast Worry managed to sneak back into the North Island. John Heald brought over his beautiful B to test the deflection on the viaduct. Nothing measured over 50mm. Then again nothing over 1mm either. Shane the driller got so excited driving his traction engine, he ended up on the viaduct as well. Ted also now has first hand experience of going over the top. A double header of Owen and Bruce's Phantoms added to the fun with Peter Jones and Chappie and others having a go. 
Check out the photos and videos as well Photos

Shane's Burrell build

Shane is building a 4" scale Burrell double crank compound Showmans engine. Details can be found here 

Phil's Burrell build
Phil is building a 4" scale Burrell double crank compound Road Locomotive.. Details can be found here

Track Extension 2012/2014 

The new elevated viaduct track extension is now complete and open to public running. 

 See photos here Track Extension photos

Jul 12 Further testing was carried out today under the guise of a play day. Bruce's Phantom can lay claim to the first steam train over the viaduct. Wind was blowing 30knots and some with rain thrown in just for good measure. Drivers are certainly going to have to drive their engines as the climb builds a good head of steam and brakes are required on the down hill in parts,  especially with a load. "Over full" sight glass on the climb only to "completely disappear" on the run down! Yikes. 

Jul 5 All tracks bits now connect. Check out the video on the photos page. All off us who have ridden over the viaduct have big grins. The view is stunning. Now only a few small jobs like signalling and landscaping to go. We have plenty more test rides to do, to sort out procedures before opening. Have to build the overbridge across the station loading track. This also connects to the viaduct to act as the third exit point. We have been extremely lucky with the weather since the beginning of the year. Only a couple of days rained off. No more big Saturday working bees for a while until the next project. Shane can reacquaint himself to his workshop for a few weeks.

Jun 21 All the sleepers on both the new extension plus the relaid outer loop are bolted into the wood and concrete. Two welding crews today have completed all the rail on the relaid outer loop and have now joined the extension from both ends. Quite a bit more still to go. Like around 300m including the 5" rail. That's only around 1000 welds!!

Jun 14 After a week with 300mm rain, 140kph winds, look what was given out in today's photos. The new points will be made this week. Great turn out of helpers today with lots of sleepers laid, track welded and cleaning up on the embankment. We hope to get the new raised section on the outer loop opened as soon as possible. Now when it really rains, it will now provide a water feature to travel by!!

Jun 07 Welding has been going a break neck pace on the new track. Another welding crew would help speed things along. Most of the viaduct now has the 7.25" track plus all the way down the northern incline. Sleepers are now laid as far as possible. We are waiting for the newly laid outer loop and the southern incline to harden enough to drill the mounting bolts. Only approx 700 sleepers to go. Paul Newton is building the last set of points. Getting closer and closer to being able to run a train around the project.

May 17 Been a little while since the last update. Today a great milestone was reached. It is now possible to walk the complete length of the low bridge onto the embankment up to the viaduct and along it's full length. In a big day the team joined both structures to the abutments. The decking crew then screwed down the last of the boards. Just to make a bit more progress an bunch of sleepers were bolted down!! Sooo many people have helped, to numerous to try and mention. There is one person who must be mentioned however. Dawn has provided yummy muffins each working bee and in a celebration of this milestone, she produced the most stunning carrot cake ever. The other little project completed was the uplifting of the part of the track that floods. When the overburden is removed from the embankment it will be used to raise the ground level about 400mm over the length taken out. New concrete will be laid and maybe the old track can be reused or new stuff laid. Quite a lot of track laying between now and the open weekend. 

Mar 22 The last few weeks have seen enormous progress. The structure is all but complete. We are currently waiting for the abutments to be poured so the ;last 7 beams can be installed. Will do a bunch more safety fence next weekend and once the abutments are ready to connect last 7 beams, complete a short section of decking and the safety rails, we can secure the bridge with locked gates to spoil the kids fun by making it harder to get on. Plans are well advanced to start laying track. About 1700 sleepers need to be made. Special thanks to Supply Services with providing the nylon sleeper packing material. This protects the steel from contact with either the concrete or tantalized timber. Not sure what we are going to do on Saturdays for a while.

Mar 1 Only two more sets to go. Sign off has been given to construct the abutments at each end of the dirt incline. Once that is set, the 4 stringers for the viaduct and 3 for the low bridge and the circle will be complete. Lots of brackets and bracing to go. 2 packets of decking were laid with temp fastenings with the rest to go in on Tuesday. The safety fence panels are getting custom built to fit the decking as each upright bracket must span two boards. As the viaduct is curved and the decking straight the gap on the inside is less than the outside hence the need to measure each one. 

Feb 15 More great progress.Only another 6 spans to go before we need the abutments on the incline to close the loop.. There is going to be a push to finish installing the timber angle braces before any more decking is screwed down. Some idea of numbers of parts. 19 sets of piles, 4 x 350x150 4 or 6m stringers per span. 48 x  24mm bolts, 4 x 30mm bolts per pier plus the bolts required for the steel bracing. Each 150x75 piece of decking needs 8 125mm stainless screws. As we are using threaded rod that means washers and nuts on each end. All the galv hardware including the brackets has a coating of lanolin to protect is from the tanalizing chemicals in the wood.

Feb 2 Another huge day with perfect weather. Another 3 bays worth of stringers placed. We have started the angle braces which are proving an interesting exercise to bolt to the piles. Made much easier with a clever jig built by John Stent. All those of us handling the bolts have lovely soft hands by the end of the day as the galv hardware must be coated in lanolin to protect it from the tanalising in the wood. No matter how careful you are, the goop get on your hands. As we work around the track it is getting easier for us tall guys. Climbing under the structure it is easy to forget the lower head space. Smacked my head a few times. The view from the new track level is awesome. Hopefully another 6 weeks will see all the stringers and braces finished. Deck needs to be placed so the safety fence can go on. Falling 2.5m is not good for the health. 5.30 finish for the last crew to leave.

Jan 18 working bee managed to get 4 spans plus 1 stringer completed. Some got home at 7pm. Photos soon. 

Under beautiful sunny skies, a willing crew turned up to place the first spans of stringers for the viaduct. At the end a long day, a bunch of tired but contented guys went home with a great sense of accomplishment of a job well done. See photos link above for the results. Have to find a mechanised way of light 160kg plus stringers for the next part of the project up to the higher piles.

We now have funding for the construction of the main viaduct. Many thanks to TECT (Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust) for the $117000 grant. Work is currently being carried out for the bracing between the piles. The incline is close to being signed off for settlement, so it can have 1m taken off and the track base laid. 

Last Saturday Aug 17, the last 12 headstocks were attached in a long day. Very tided but happy bunch that worked hard.

Lots of progress with 7 sets of headstocks bolted in place. Many thanks to Ken Evans and his Sunrise Lions club.

The deck is now on the low level bridge and awaiting final trimming of the outside. We were cunning enough to line up the inside ends so only one end has to be trimmed. The actual deck only took just over 1.5 hours to place with 3 of the 6 screws in. The deck is 225x75 so should take a bit of weight.
Also waiting on hopefully the final settlement figures for the embankment, so we can strip off the top metre or so to allow the formwork for the track to be laid. The piles for the high level bridge have to be monitored for 6 months. The whole park is fill over marine silt, so it does move around a bit. The preload is going to be spread along side the embankment to raise the existing ground level track 300-400mm. This currently requires snorkels for  the engines and periscopes for the drivers when it floods.

Xmas Function at Bruce's

A very successful Xmas function was held at Bruce Harvey's place. Great attendance from club members made for a pleasant afternoon. Peter Wiseley brought his Simplex for grandson Lachlan to drive. Shane also brought his small traction engine. Here is a link to a circuit of the Omokoroa Circle Line plus photos.

2013 Open Weekend

A very successful open weekend was held with stunning weather all weekend. Even the little shower at BBQ time on Saturday caused no problems. Many thanks to all the helpers with catering and track work. All the visitors had a ball. Thomas the Tank Engine was a great favourite with the little ones. The engine earned Peter Wiseley the Norm Decke Memorial Cup. Well done Peter. Dave Harris ran 100 circuits on Saturday on the raised level track (25kms!!) with his engine. At one stage there were 7 trains running on the ground level track at the same time. Photos here 2013 OpenWeekend

Play day at Bruce's

A successful play day was held at Bruce Harvey's. The weather even came to the party with the light rain making the steam really stand out. Photos here Play day

Model Exhibition 2013

Early May saw the Club with stands at the first Annual Model Exhibition at Memorial Park organized by the Tauranga Model Train Club. Our club organizer stalwart Bob came up trumps again, rallying members around to bring down work in progress and completed models. See photos here Model Exhibition

Shane is currently building a 4" traction engine.

Lloyd is currently building a 3.5" Britannia. Boiler now has its certificate and finishing work is being carried out on it. Also photos of his beautiful Durham traction engine. Photos here Lloyd's projects If you wish to contact the builder please email Webmaster and your details will be passed on. For further information on the full size engine click here.

Tips and Tricks

Engineers' Marking Blue is great for marking out BMS. As the metal is scribed, bright metal shows through very visibly. It does not work well however on the black steel which is more easily and cheaply obtainable, so a very good workaround is to spray the metal with white metal primer paint, then the dark metal is in good contrast to the primer when scribed. The primer dries very quickly and is matt finish, ideally suitable for the task. Afterwards the primer is easily removed by sanding or applying solvent on a rag. Owen.


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